auto rates

Auto Rates Reduction: How to Manage Increases

Auto rates are on the rise. According to the National Safety Council, U.S. motor-vehicle deaths were up 6% in 2016, exceeding 40,000 for the first time since 2007. The council attributes the increase to lower gasoline prices and an improving economy, which have resulted in an increase in total mileage. It also has a lot […]

nonprofit insight

Nonprofit Insight from CEOs

What’s Keeping Nonprofit CEOs Up at Night? Roundtable participants share nonprofit insight, worry about funding, poverty The lives of nonprofit CEOs can be very different from those of typical for-profit business leaders. As they strive to put every dollar possible into care for their clients, nonprofit execs typically don’t have much money left over for […]

health savings accounts

How to Help Your Employees Understand Health Savings Accounts

More and more employers are offering Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) – either as a less expensive alternative to a traditional group health plan or, more rarely, as the only coverage option. But while HSAs can be a good alternative for employers and employees alike, they can also be hard for employees to understand, much less […]


Ransomware: Are You Protected?

Estimate, protect and insure your organization for cyber liability If you were one of the fortunate organizations that survived last weekend’s worldwide ransomware attack, you might be asking some serious questions right now: What would happen if we were attacked? How would we handle it? How much would it cost? Are we insured for it? […]

social media for nonprofits

Social media for nonprofits

Social Media for Nonprofits on a Shoestring: Three Steps to Success What is your social media budget? Do you use pay-per-click or sponsored posts? Most likely you are laughing your head off right now – who has the money in their valuable nonprofit budget to spend on social media posts? No fear, I am here to […]